Come join us on Oahu to celebrate

40 Years of Hashing in Hawaii

16-18 March 2018









The Beginning: Honolulu Hawaii H3

The first known and longest running hash club in the Hawaiian Islands was born with the first running of the Honolulu, Hawaii Hash House Harriers (H5) on 16 March 1978, and started at what was then the Hee Hing Chop Suey shop in Kapahulu. The H5 traces its roots back to the Bangkok H3 in Thailand where Castel Myers had been working, and found the hash to be great fun. So upon moving to Hawaii, all it took was to gather up some friends (Russ Hoylman, Hutch Hutchinson, Dave Benson, and Dick Hoyer) and a new era was born.

The H5 ran every other Tuesday evening in the early days, and the pack was small with only a handful of harriers participating. Trails were the focus back then, and the after run fun was more of a collected horseplay than an organized circle. Beer chugging was a common event, with winners collecting various prizes. The big prize on one occasion was a live chicken, which ended up as a menu item at the Chop Suey shop. Dick Hoyer used to address the pack using his trusty fork, which always got a laugh.

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