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Honolulu (Tue)
Pick Up (Thu)*
Aloha (Sat)
Harriettes (Sun)*
Volcano (Var)
Full Moon (Var)*

Big Island
Kona Coast (Sat)


Oahu Pick Up H3

“A long time ago in a time zone far away, a hasher named “Wet Meat” decided to visit our fair island. Since he was pretty bored with just hashing on Saturday and Tuesday, he decided it was high time O’ahu had another midweek diversion for his hashing pleasure. He gathered some co-conspirators and descended upon the Princess Ka’iulani Hotel in Waikiki. Wet Meat named the new hash the Oahu Pickup Hash to carry forward the traditions of ye olde San Diego Pickup Hash, where Wet Meat was a regular attendee. The first run started at Wet Meat’s hotel room and took the pack around Waikiki, then back to the hotel where there was plenty of beer and rejoicing.

The Oahu Pickup Hash meets regularly on the First Thursday of each month at a place to be determined by the last hare of the last trail (or the current Grand Master/Mattress).

The starting Hare is chosen by Jan Ken Po (Rock/Paper/Scissors) elimination “The Loser of Losers” will be the Hare, and is given a six-minute head start. If you catch the Hare, you will become the next Hare, and will be given a three-minute head start. And so it goes until someone leads the pack back to the start. The entire trail is about 45 to 50 minutes. It’s a BYOB event so bring your own beverage and a snack to share at the circle.”