Hash Clubs

Oahu (*Monthly)
Honolulu (H5) (Tue)
Aloha H3 (Sat)
Harriettes H3 (Sun)*
Volcano H3 (Var)
Full Moon H3 (Var)*

Big Island
Kona Coast H3 (Sat)

Kauai H3 (Var)*



Volcano H3

The Volcano H3 is a traveling hash that hosts a couple events per year on trips to the various Hawaiian Islands.

The Volcano H3 came into existence and became it's own entity in 1997 when, on one of the many trips that Oahu hashers made to the Big Island for the Crater Rim Runs, George "Chest Checker" Underwood sported a t-shirt on which he created an iron-on embossed design showing an erupting volcano with the words "Volcano Hash House Harriers" on it. And thus, since that time that we started calling ourselves the VH3 whenever we traveled to the Big Island. It then grew to cover all out-station runs on the neighbor islands.

POC for the Volcano H3 is Dave "Seamanator" Mougin.